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Software Development as a Service (SDaaS)

Strategy & Product Design

From ideation to prototyping

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Digital Marketing

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Strategy & Product Design
Low-Fidelity Prototype

Time is money. Developing a complex website or multifunctional mobile application take quite some time. It often needs to be faster. A low-fidelity prototype is the best solution for you. 

Evaluate your product
Usability Testing

Gathering feedback from users is very important in the software development process. We start with usability tests on a first prototype and examine user experience at an early stage. This enables us to create a great UX design that matches with users’ needs.¬†

Results-Oriented Solutions
Minimal Viable Product in 30 days.

We use the MVP method for launching innovative products quick and efficiently. MVP is from the bestseller book “Lean Startup” by Eric Rise. It’s the best solution for early stage startups especially for bootstrapped startups.¬†